Check out everything Playnite has to offer!

Playnite: The Free, Customizable Game Library with Emulation Support and Broad Integration. Keep your game library organized and accessible with Playnite, which imports and tracks games from popular services, supports console emulation, and offers customization options through themes, extensions, and fullscreen mode. With fast, lightweight performance and the ability to run from portable storage, Playnite keeps your gaming experience smooth and flexible. Plus, with open-source code and integration, you can trust Playnite to deliver a safe, private, and informative gaming library solution.

Import Games

Import games from popular libraries and services (Steam, Epic, Origin, GOG, etc.) and track playtime even for emulated games


Customize Playnite’s look with themes and extend its functionality with plugins and script extensions

Full controller support

Enjoy full controller support and fast, resource-efficient performance, even with large libraries

Portable storage

Run Playnite from portable storage without installing system dependencies

100% free and open source

Access all features completely for free and with open-source code under the MIT license

Safe and private

Keep your game library information safe and private, with no remote server storage or excess data collection

Automatic updates

Automatically download metadata (covers, descriptions, and more) for all your games, including custom ones, with Playnite’s integration with